“By far the most successful content PureGym has ever put out. The response on our social channels was incredible!”
Paul K.
Marketing Director, Pure Gym

The Story

Paul’s story was one we just had to tell.

Whilst training for the Olymics in his home country of Columbia, he suffered a nearly fatal accident that left his dreams in tatters and his body broken.

Life lost all meaning and over 4 years he became a shell of his former self.  His wife became his salvation and his guide back to fitness and happiness.  Through going to the gym together he was able to rebuild both physically and mentally and is now in a better place than ever before.

The Result



Most viewed content

Pure Gym had ever released.

Helped to secure £700 million

Sale of the business.

The Thinking

To bring his story to life we needed to find the right location and extensive searching led us to a spit and saw dust kickboxing gym that had just the right character and atmosphere.  Paul was rebuilt through hard work and sweat and we wanted that to be echoed in his surroundings.

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The Making

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